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Welcome to Web Maintenance Referral Network. We have experienced developers and webmasters that can take of your website while you focus on growing your business.

Domain Transfers

Transfer your domains to Zet Domain – it’s fast, automated and risk-free! You keep all the time remaining on your registration and get a 1-year extension at no extra charge.

Domain Locking

Domain locking prevents accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership and stops anyone from redirecting your nameservers.

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Web Hosting

We use industry-standard control panels giving you the flexibility to choose the ...
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Domain Name Registration

Zet Domain provides one of the most competitive Domain Name Registration, Renewals ...
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Digital Marketing

Zetdomain believe that all good websites should be easy to find using ...
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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is one of our corporate services that often leave an ...
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Web Design

A good website can give you an excellent professional corporate image. Whether ...
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Website Development

When you are considering choosing a Web Development company, let Zetdomain be ...
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Why we do it.. Why us ? Here’s Why

Zet Domain is Your One Stop to Web Services. Zet Domain helps companies to define strategies and implement innovative ways to build your online business. We combine the expertise of internet technologies and marketing communications to design interactive websites, customized web applications, ecommerce applications, online customized applications and database designs for small, medium and large sized organizations.

To achieve your goals and objectives, Zet Domain utilize the experiences of its PHP, and other web developers combined with applications that can handle mass amounts of data and transactions. It doesn't matter the size of your organization, we have web development solutions for any size of budget.

Zet Domain believe that all good websites should be easy to find using search engines and we have the expertise to create a website design such that the web pages will be found on major search engines. Marketing your website is as important as good website design, and we can help you fulfill your needs in this area.

Our Digital Marketing Packages Guaranteed Top Google Ranking

By selecting any of our web maintenance and digital marketing packages, it shows that you understand what it takes to grow your business. What is the point of investing money to develop a website or mobile application when you cannot equally set aside funds to maintain and market it? We can make your web experience cheerful and satisfactory.

No matter the technology used in designing and developing your website, we take away the stress of web maintenance and digital marketing from you. Let us help you drive traffic to your website and experience increase in sales as well as productivity. Choose a package that best meets your needs now.

Join Our Web Maintenance Affiliate Program | Earn High Residual Income

ZetDomain Web Maintenance and Digital Marketing Referral Program will enable you to earn passive income and enjoy excellent benefits by simply referring people and associates you know have websites. The people you refer receive a discount of 25% while you get paid 15% monthly from the total price we charge. We have experienced developers, web marketers, and webmasters dedicated to taking care of your website while you focus on growing your business.


Always remember that website maintenance is equally as important as the website design. If you don’t regularly update your website content and continuously adjust and target your keywords, your visitors as well as Google, Yahoo and other prominent search engines will lose interest on your website. It renders your website unproductive and unable to compete with your competitors on the web. Join Now

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What Our Clients Say

“If you are looking for a web company that will provide you with quality services in one house, l won’t hesitate to recommend Zetdomain. They are the best in graphic designs, web development, and programming.”

Barry, Director Bolex Management Company Ltd. Email:

“Zetdomain is a great company with experienced web developers. They take the time to work with you to accomplish your goals. One of the things that impress me about the company is the prompt delivery of services. All my concerns and inquiries were well attended to in a prompt and timely manner. I am absolutely satisfied with the services and quality of work received. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone who would like to design websites or create a corporate identity.”

Tony, Managing Director Tonmoor International Inc.